Double-Vision, India 2020

“It Is More Blessed to Give then to Receive!”

     By the grace of God and the support of generous gifts from many of you, Double-Vision Ministries (DVM) of Bethany Church in Hartville, Ohio was able to send a team of nine to Kolkata, India for our most recent Eyecare outreach. The team included my wife and four of our children, a sister, nephew, family friend and myself. 

While in India, we had the privilege to spend time with and work alongside my niece and her family. What a privilege! 


We as a team wanted to touch base with all who have had interest in this including those of you who have supported us with prayer and monetary means. Our desire is to give report of our time in India as well as to update you and thank you for helping make it possible.


The Team left for Kolkata on February 12 with intention of returning home on Sunday, February 23. Because of sickness, some of us returned a day later on the 24th. 

During those 12 days we met so many beautiful and amazing people and made many new friendships! 

The first clinic days were held in Kolkata and then midway through our time there we took a seven hour train ride to Dhulian to the north for the remainder of the clinic days. 

There were many stories as well as some challenges along the way, I won’t include them here, but once again we found it to be an amazing privilege to even have the opportunity to make this trip. Seeing what others face on a daily basis always helps gain new perspectives of what really matters in life. 


We had the privilege of providing for the visual needs of many from different communities.  We were able to provide eye exams for  between 400–500 individuals and provide Glasses too most who needed them onsite as well. For those who had unique or specialized Rx’s or ones that we simply didn’t have in the glasses in the inventory we took with us, we are making those currently and will send back as conditions allow. There are approximately 75 pairs of glasses in that group that we will be sending back in several months to those patients waiting. 


We also diagnosed many with cataracts and a number of them with glaucoma and other conditions. Some we provided topical treatment for, ie) glaucoma, and have scheduled 20+ cataract surgeries and several laser procedures to take place over the coming months as conditions allow. Local contacts in Kolkata were able to find reputable surgeons to provide the surgery at very reasonable cost which allows us to fund those surgeries with monies already given. The funding given was also sufficient to provide for the eyedrops given and the additional glasses being made to send back.  


During the 12 days there our team did battle sickness at times. I along with several other team members were fine until either right before beginning the flight home or while on the first flight back. We were very blessed to be on Qatar Airlines when we were ill. (Thank U to my Sis Laura, our travel agent!) They kept us in Qatar overnight and put us on IVs to replenish us and we were able to fly home the next day. Qatar airlines and staff were amazing!


Your support in making this happened has much potential to enrich & change lives! I will be including a link below to a slideshow on YouTube in hopes you can get a glimpse of the lives you were able to bless by supporting this effort. Please continue to pray for these individuals! 

There are many needs and many wonderful people and leaders there needing our support.


For Him!


Bob Miller