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Hello From Albania

Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Grace Beachy and I am currently in Albania on a team of four people in a program called REACH. We’ve been living in the small town of Milot helping a missionary couple from Virginia since December. We’ve been doing three Albanian language lessons a week and helping with services in the new church here. We’ve even been leading worship in Albanian! About a month and a half ago Liz, the other girl on my team, and I started working at a preschool and after school program on Thursdays and Fridays. A month ago the boys on our team started English classes two days a week. We have about twenty-five middle schoolers, so it’s pretty exciting! Our main goal here is to build relationships with people and get them connected to the church in someway, whether it be English class or a children’s or regular service.

Although our weeks are pretty packed we’ve gotten some pretty cool chances to visit some very beautiful places! This includes a couple of 500 year old castles, jaw-dropping mountain views, and even getting to travel to Montenegro.

One thing that was really cool that I got to experience was handing out Operation Christmas Child boxes to some of our kids. It was crazy to see how we collect them at church and then being able to see the kids’ faces when they get them.

Overall things are going well, but we could always use prayer!

Prayer Requests:

  • That would would be able to make genuine connections with the people in our town.

  • People would be able to see a difference in us through our actions.

  • Encouragement for our team and outreach coordinators.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I hope you have a blessed day!

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