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Life Groups

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life groups?

We are called to be interconnected with one another as disciples of Jesus, growing together in our relationship with Christ, in some way following the model of the early churches shown in scripture.

What about

While we understand that for families with younger children this will be challenging, we also believe that these are the years in a family’s life when you can least afford to not be growing spiritually and demonstrating the value of prioritizing Christ and his body, the Church! We will discuss various options for each group

Do I have to be a

No! While we are hoping to have shared team leadership in each life group in order to reduce pressure on one individual or couple, and to develop gifts in more people in our congregation


Life groups will meet four times a month for worship, Bible study, prayer and a service activity.


We would like for leaders to be prepared and supported as they step into new areas of influence. Training will help you evaluate your own journey with Christ and your gifts that could be developed further as you lead a Life Group. 

We want to be a part of a 


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